Guide For Choosing A New Riding Lawn Mower

25 July 2018
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Owning a riding lawn mower can help to reduce the amount of work and time that is required to keep your grass an acceptable height. Unfortunately, it can be common for individuals to buy riding lawn mowers without fully considering the factors that will determine the results that you get from your new riding lawn mower.

Size Of The Yard

One of the first factors that should be reviewed when buying a riding lawnmower is the size of the yard. This will determine the size of the cutting blade that will be needed. Choosing a blade that is too small will make cutting your yard a cumbersome task. Retailers will provide a recommended yard size for each mower that they have for sale, and you will want to know the approximate size of the yard that will need to be mowed. When calculating the amount of ground that will need to be mowed, avoid including paved surfaces, water or gravel areas as this could lead you to buy a much larger mower than you actually need.

Presence Of Obstacles

If your yard has numerous decorations or other obstacles, you will want to choose a mower that has an adjustable cutting attachment. This will allow the attachment to adjust as you are navigating the yard. While you can use a weedeater to achieve similar results, those with large yards may find that they will end up spending a considerable amount of time weed eating if they fail to buy a mower with this ability.

The Levelness Of The Terrain

It may not seem like the levelness of the yard will be a major factor for a riding lawn mower, but yards that have numerous or steep hills may present difficulties for mowers with underpowered motors. In fact, it may be possible for the mower to be unable to climb some of these hills, which could pose a very inconvenient problem as you may have to push it up these hills. By choosing a riding lawnmower with a powerful motor, you can easily climb the various hills that may be on your property.

Ease Of Maintenance

A riding lawn mower will be a complex mechanical device that needs regular maintenance to avoid malfunctions. When choosing a mower, the amount of maintenance that is needed may be an important factor in your choice. For example, the blade of the mower will need to be periodically cleaned and sharpened. This is in addition to the maintenance the engine and other mechanical components need.

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