Greener Lawns And Greener Pockets: Three Options To Save With Rain Water Irrigation

21 January 2016
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If you want to have a greener garden, irrigation is important but can also cost a lot. To reduce your costs, you can install systems that use timers and weather information for optimal watering. You can also use grey water and rain water for your irrigation, and not pay to use water from the utility service or use resources from a well. Here are some ways you can keep the green in your pocket and still have a green lawn with rain water and grey irrigation systems:

1. Rain Barrels With Gravity-Fed Drip Irrigation System

The most affordable solution for rain water irrigation is rain barrels with drip systems. There are systems that can be professionally installed, as well as DIY projects you can do yourself. The barrel will need to be higher than the irrigation lines, which you may want to make a stand for the barrel to sit up on. If you want to hide an unsightly rain barrel, you can use privacy screens to make an enclosure for the barrel. This can allow you to use cheaper industrial barrels for your rain collection system. For more water capacity, use two or three barrels, or you can install them in different area to create irrigation zones with separate systems.

2. Solar Power Pumps For A Complete Sprinkler System With Rain Barrels

There may also be situations where you need to get water up higher for irrigation. This can be done with solar pumps. You will also want to have a small pump if you want to have a sprinkler system installed because most gravity-fed systems will not provide enough water pressure for sprinklers, unless you want to build a really tall water-tower. If you need more pressure for your sprinklers, consider using a series of pumps in a tandem design to give your system the power it needs.  

3. Buried Tanks With Pump Equipment For A More Conventional System

Buried tanks can be a solution if you want to have a larger system for your home. This can give you the option to have pumps installed with enough power to use conventional sprinkler systems. The buried collection tanks can give you the benefit of using collection from watershed on your property, such as drains from patios, paved paths and driveways. You can also have a separate tank installed for grey water irrigation systems.

These are some of the ways you can save money and have a green lawn with rain water irrigation. If you are ready to save on watering your lawn, contact Rainscape Inc or other local sprinkler installation services and ask them about these systems for your home.