A Few Tips For Maintaining Your Cone Crusher

26 August 2015
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While you can get away without doing the routine maintenance on your cone crusher for a day or two, if you neglect it on a regular basis you could end up burning up a bearing that is costly to replace. Maintenance needs to be done every time the machine is run. A lot of it is just taking a few minutes to look over all the moving parts. As soon as you notice something is wrong, or just not right, make a note of it and have the machine sent off for repairs. Here are a few tips to maintaining your cone crusher to keep production going.

Check Filters

Look over every filter to make sure it is not filled with dirt or caked with oil. If you have an air filter or breather that is clogged, there will be a build up of pressure in the bearing housing. The additional pressure will cause the seals to burst and you will have oil leaking everywhere. Once the oil has all leaked out, you are going to need to have the heads replaced. This will not only cost money for the repair, but production will slow down and you will lose money that way too.

Check for Leaks

Take a cloth and quickly wipe each joint and all the moving parts. Now go back and look to see if there is oil on any of them. If there is a leak, it means there is a broken seal. This will reduce the amount of pressure in the bearings, reducing the efficiency of the crusher. In addition, if there is a cracked seal, dust and dirt particles can get into the bearing housing, scratching it and causing damage to the bearings.

Check for Loose Parts

This can be done while the machine is operating. Listen closely for any rattling. If you hear something vibrating, find what it is and then shut the machine down. Don't wait until the end of the day to tighten anything that is loose as they can continue to vibrate and fall off. A part that has fallen off can cause damage to the rest of the machine, or may even shoot out and hit a person, causing an injury.

Cone crushers are a great addition to any company that works with aggregates. However, maintaining them is essential to your profit. You may think you are saving money by putting off maintenance daily and sending the crew home. Unfortunately, the only thing that accomplishes is a reduction in production and the need for repairs. Pay the crew to stick around and do proper maintenance and you will find you have a better bottom line.