Tips For Using Drones In Farming

15 December 2014
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When you see agricultural drones for sale, you might think of the ways a drone could be helpful in assessing crop and land health, but you may not realize some of the ways a drone can help you protect and promote your crop. Because the focus tends to be on how the drone can best provide information about the details of the crop and the land as it relates to farming, a lot of the other, indirect applications go unnoticed.

Here, you can learn about some of the indirect ways you can use drones to promote the health and safety of your land and crops.

Avoid Illegal Crops

Because people know you take good care of your crops, they may want to benefit from some of your efforts. If someone does plant an illegal crop, like marijuana on your property, the thermal readings from the agricultural drone will stand out from your crop You can then remove the offending plants before you get charged with a crime that someone else committed on your property.

Monitor Other Crops

Help your local farmers out by renting out your drone services. In trade, you can make a bit of extra cash, but you will also get to compare their crops to yours. This helps you to better monitor your progress by comparison, but it also gives an up close look at the details of the market in your area so you can fill in where produce is limited.

Get Rid of Pests

If you have pests nesting in your crops, the thermal imaging feature on the drone helps you see exactly where they are setting up housekeeping. This makes it much easier to remove the pests and repair the damaged land.

Track and Treat

Any time you try something new on your crops, you want to be able to monitor them every step of the way. You can use photos, thermal images, and other features from the drone to get a more detailed perspective so that you don't just see the end result of your methods, but can also see when the issue began or when the performance exceeded last years crops. In either case, you can use this information to treat any issues and to develop a more informed plan for the next year.

When you combine technology like agricultural drones for sale with some basic principle of farming, you can develop a solid process for taking care of serious issues before they rally start. You can also see almost the exact moment of success so that you can capitalize on it in the future.